Why Oven Door Glass Shatter / Explode?

Has your oven glass door unfortunately smashed? If so, you’re a bit unlucky as this doesn’t happen that often. But if your glass has smashed or exploded, then we would recommend cleaning it up with gloves on. Make sure the appliance is cool and not hot. Whether it’s the inner or outer oven glass door, we wouldn’t recommend using the oven until you have a replacement installed.

The glass used in oven doors is called tempered. It’s also called toughening or safety. It’s called safety glass because when it smashes it goes into small pebble pieces rather than shards. You might think that if it explodes you have the wrong type of glass but tempered is the correct type as it follows the safety standards. Tempered glass is a very strong glass, it’s a lot of stronger than normal glass. It was made to handle intense pressure such as heat and wear. 

Why Do Glass Oven Doors Shatter / Explode?

Even though tempered glass is built for oven use, over time it can shatter. As mentioned above, the glass is very strong and hard-wearing. It’s quite difficult to know the specific reason as to why the glass has shattered but in most cases it will start with a small crack which has developed. These small cracks may not even be seen as they might be micro-cracks. The oven glass can handle stress for a period of time but the micro cracks will get larger and the glass will become weaker and eventually shatter. This is because the micro-cracks will be experiencing ongoing heat and cooling from the use of the oven.

When it will shatter is unknown, it might be years. Unfortunately when it does your appliance probably won’t be in the warranty.

Here are a few common reasons why oven glass can get micro-cracks:

  • Using the glass to rest trays and dishes 
  • Banging or hitting the glass
  • Forcefully slamming the door
  • Cleaning the oven glass – you could be cleaning too hard or using cleaning products that aren’t suitable. 
  • The oven door isn’t in full working order. The screws may be loose or hinges are faulty.
  • Manufacturing fault
  • Changing in temperature. Having a cold damp cloth or dish on a hot oven door is likely to make the glass contract and expand quickly. Doing this consistently will lead to weakening the glass. 

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