Stove Glass Cut to Size

  • Stove glass cut to any size
  • Arrives in 2-3 days
  • Buy online today
  • All custom orders can have a tolerance of +/-2mm

We can cut to size stove glass for any size and shape, just send your information to us and we can provide a quote. Getting a quote from us is easy, just send your measurements in cm. You will need to send the height and width. The normal thickness is 4mm but if you have glass that is different please mention this when ordering. For curved, arched, and shaped glass please send in the stove model information. We will then communicate to see if we can cut your glass. It’s important that you provide the correct measurements so please make sure when sending them as we don’t offer refunds as we cut to size on a custom basis. Get your stove back to full working order by using us today.

With our made to measure service, we cut ceramic glass. This type of glass is perfect for log wood burners as it is suitable in heat to 760 degrees celsius. The majority of the time, the product is 4mm thick. For heat resistant glass for ovens and cookers we supply tempered glass. We only provide the very best glass that’s why we use Schott Robax. This product provides a high quality and clear finish.

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