Plastic Sheets – Cut to Size for Any Shape

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  • Clear acrylic & polycarbonate sheets
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For plastic sheets in all sizes and shapes, buy from us today. We have a range of plastic available including acrylic, perspex and polycarbonate sheets. These plastic sheets are great alternatives to glass as you can use them for greenhouses and splashbacks. Plastic sheets can be cut to size for any shape. We can also provide clear, transparent and coloured sheets.

There are many benefits to choosing a plastic sheet material. A great advantage is that plastic materials are light so are perfect for use on roofs and greenhouses. Most people think that plastic sheets struggle to allow sunlight through. However, they would be mistaken; 85% of light goes through the panels. It’s easy to use outside because it is waterproof. Even in high winds it can cope as the material is very strong. In fact, it’s 10 times stronger than glass and it’s a lot safer than glass, especially when using horticultural glass. If you want to buy plastic cut to size, then choose the type of plastic and purchase online today.

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