Replacement Fire Bricks

  • Fire Bricks Replacements
  • Perfect for Log Wood Burner Stoves
  • Arrives in 2-3 days
  • Tolerance of +/-2mm
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Are you looking to revitalise your fireplace? Our replacement fire bricks have been specifically created to breathe new life into your home, carefully crafted for their durability and precision. Regular use of your fireplace or stove can lead to your fire bricks beginning to wear out, and our products are designed to transform any space in your home. 

These high-quality and affordable replacement fire bricks are engineered to ensure that they are not only able to withstand high temperatures, but they also provide fantastic insulation ensuring your stove operates as efficiently as possible.

At Me and My Glass, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality products possible, giving our customers complete peace of mind they are in the best hands possible. We are also able to deliver our products within 2-3 days, so if you are looking to replace your fire bricks, get in touch today!

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