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After some fire bricks for your log wood burner stove? If yes, then we are here to help as we supply for many makes and models. We can even cut to size using a CNC Machine. Just send in your details and we can provide a quote. If you would like to proceed, you can easily buy online. The fire bricks we provide can be used for wood burner stoves. 

You can use our bricks as replacements. Overtime bricks can crack for no reason whatsoever. Luckily, we can create a replacement with our made to measure service. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, our clay bricks can sustain high temperatures.

Unsure about any products we sell? Contact our friendly and professional team here at Me and My Glass. Most of the products we sell are glass, but we do sell fireplace and stove accessories such as fire bricks and fire cement.

Fire Bricks for Stoves Log Burners

Are you looking to extend the lifetime of your favourite wood burning stove? Have you considered installing fire bricks for stoves? They not only protect your beloved wood stove from warping and metal fatigue, but they can also make your wood burner more economical to run, too.

They work because fire bricks for wood burners insulate the internal metal components from the intense heat generated. Fire bricks for stoves also have the added benefit of retaining heat typically lost through conduction, so your stove extracts more heat, burning less fuel in the process. Sounds good, right?

Here at Me and My Glass we can cut to size our fire board for wood stove products, so they’re tailored specifically for your stove’s dimensions. Whether you’re looking to add fire bricks for stoves to a new furnace or replace an existing or cracked wood stove fire board, we’re here to help. Simply send us your wood burning stove fire brick measurements today.

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