Acrylic Plastic Panels for Greenhouse Glass

  • Greenhouse Glass
  • Acrylic Clear Sheets
  • Tolerance of +/-2mm
  • Arrives in 3-5 days

We provide replacement acrylic panels in a range of different sizes to suit any greenhouse. Acrylic panels are perfect for greenhouse glazing as the clear acrylic plastic provides a higher light transmission which of course, is very important for growing plants. It is much stronger than typical greenhouse glass whilst being considerably lighter making it easier to handle. Yet, is still highly durable against harsh weather conditions. The standard greenhouse glass thickness is 3mm, yet with acrylic panels, the thicker the panel, the more rigid it is. The cheapest option is 2mm in thickness, whereas the strongest panels are 4mm. 

Cut to Size Acrylic Panels

Our acrylic panels for greenhouse glass can be cut to any size, allowing them to fit any sized greenhouse. Visit our website for a 24/7 service with a same-day response! Get your free quote today and transform your greenhouse.

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