Screw Wall Fixing Kit for Splashbacks

£10.20 incl. VAT

  • Screw Wall Fixing Kit for Splashbacks
  • 4 screws with screw plugs
  • Also includes screw caps to hide screw tops
  • Arrives in 3-5 days

When it comes to creating a beautiful and stylish kitchen or bathroom, a glass or mirror splashback can be a fantastic way to transform your home and create a truly unique interior. Here at Me and My Glass, we know how important the right splashback can be in your home. That is why we provide a huge array of options for our customers to choose from. 

Of course, you need to ensure that you are securely attaching your splashbacks to your wall. That is why we offer a proven screw wall fixing kit for glass and mirror splashbacks. Toughened glass cannot be drilled at home, otherwise you will shatter it, which is why we accurately drill all holes for you, allowing you to quickly and easily install it at home. To keep it looking fantastic, we also add some mirror caps which hide the screws.

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