Black Heat Proof Fire Cement

£7.59 incl. VAT

  • Black Heat Proof Fire Cement 500g
  • Heat Resistant for 1400°C
  • Used for bonding low-porosity surfaces and for general sealing and repair work
  • Arrives in 2-3 days

We provide fire cement that is heatproof to temperatures of up to 1400°C. This premium product is used on touch-up work in places where high heat is experienced. Places such as log wood burner stoves and fireplaces. It’s used on surfaces that entail high amounts of heat. So, maybe you need to do some repair work on the fire bricks? General wear and tear can happen, so a tub of fire cement will do the trick. We offer two sizes for heat resistant cement; they are 500g and 2kg. If you are doing a small little touch-up job with your trowel, then the 500g tub us needed. Bigger jobs will require the 2kg tub. The product is easily applied to the surface. Once dried, the cement adhesive has strong and hard properties. This allows it to endure high temperatures. So, if you are on the lookout for fire cement that is needed for some patch-up work, we are the people to buy it from.

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