Dubbed Corners on Glass

  • Dubbed Corners On Glass
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When it comes to creating a beautiful and unique finish, dubbed corners on glass are a very popular solution. This is a great way to transform the appearance, but it is also a vital safety feature and is the process of dulling down the 90 degree glass corner so that it is less pointy and is completely safe to touch.

We are able to do this on all styles of glass, so if you are looking for toughened and tempered glass dubbed corners, we are here to help you. Dubbed corners are not a machine process, which means they require expert manual work, and we undertake all of ours by hand to ensure the perfect finish every time.

As with all of our products here at Me and My Glass, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best results and customer service in everything we do, giving you complete peace of mind. So if you are looking for dubbed corners on glass, get in touch today!

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