Ceramic Glass

  • Ceramic glass
  • Any shape, any size
  • Delivered in 2-3 days.

Ceramic glass is used in logwood burners, ovens and fireplaces as it is a heat resistant type of glass. Using these appliances can, unfortunately, cause glass breakage and you will need to get a replacement before you use the appliance again. If you require a replacement piece, then send your measurement and specifications details and we can quickly provide you with a quote. Our team provides a cut to size service so even if you don’t know the model or manufacturer we can easily cut to the exact size. We deliver all across the UK and package goods carefully so breakages shouldn’t happen. The glass we supply can withstand extreme temperatures up to 760 degrees Celcius. Using regular glass would be dangerous as it would melt or take on imperfections. The ceramic glass we provide is high quality and clear so you can perfectly view your fire or inside your oven.

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