Tinted Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size

  • Tinted Acrylic Sheets – Cut to Size
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Tinted acrylic sheets are available to buy from Me and My Glass. This tinted finish can be used in many areas of the home and on your vehicles. Some of the areas this material can be used include windows, splashbacks, signage and boats & motorcycle windscreens. 

Choosing this material has a vast amount of benefits. Not only is it lightweight to handle, it also has incredible strength. Acrylic sheets are almost impossible to break and shatter. Experts say that this material is 10 times stronger than glass, meaning they are amazingly useful in many areas. In most cases, Me and My Glass would recommend tinted glass, but in some situations, it’s not possible to use. Glass has many benefits too, including that it can handle high heats, unlike acrylic plastic sheets. If you are after a tint finish on a material that doesn’t need to be highly heat resistant, then we would recommend using acrylic sheets. 

The thicknesses available for this finish are 3mm, 5mm and 10mm, and these thicknesses can fit any type of project you are doing. From the DIY beginners to the expert traders, this is a great coloured plastic sheet. For a strong and weather proof plastic solution, buy from Me and My Glass. We have very competitive prices -contact our friendly and professional team to discuss your requirements today. 

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