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Horse mirrors for stables and trailers can be cut to size and delivered to your door within 3-5 working days. But why would a horse need a plastic mirror? When this is fitted to the wall, it is to comfort the horse. When the horse is on it’s own, the mirror acts to maintain the wellbeing of the horse. This mirror can be placed in the stable and the trailers. Horses like to be with other horses, so the mirror provides comfort. Research shows that a mirror helps reduce the stress in the animal. It’s not natural for a horse to be on its own for a long time. Horses like being with other horses so being in isolation isn’t very natural for them. If they see themself in the mirror, it can relax them and even help them have a better night’s sleep.

So whatever size you need, we can cut to size your mirror to fit your horse stable or trailer. The mirror material is acrylic sheeting so it is safe, durable and effective. Acrylic is a safer option for horse trailers than glass mirrors. Trailers can travel long distances and on unstable roads, so a plastic material is perfect.

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