Oven Glass Door Cleaner

£14.28 incl. VAT

  • Specialist Oven Glass Cleaner
  • Removes Grease and Dirt Easily
  • Arrives in 2-3 days

Looking for an oven cleaning product that performs more effectively than other cleaning products on the market? Look no further as our oven glass cleaner is the perfect choice for your needs. Our foam carbon cleaner is designed to remove the grease and grime that features on the inside of your oven door. Simply spray on the surface and wipe away clean. The product has been developed so it makes cleaning the oven glass the easiest chore in the house! Soapy hot water is a low-cost technique to try but it doesn’t get all the dirt deposits out. So try our foam cleaning product and see the difference it makes. Having a clean oven window is ideal as you can check on your food but over time dirt builds up and it can be quite hard to see through. That’s when you need to use our fast-acting cleaning product. Once used please wait several hours before using the oven to cook food. 

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