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For a mirror finish, you can choose either plastic or a glass finish. In most situations, we would guide customers to using a glass material. This is because it’s strong, durable and can handle high temperatures. However, a great alternative is acrylic mirror sheets. This material has many features such as being lightweight, durable and very tough, meaning you can use this material in DIY and trade projects. 

One of the main places to have an acrylic mirror is at a gym. They can be installed onto any wall in any gym as we can cut to size plastic sheets. Other places you can use this material are for stable mirrors, splashbacks, displays, garden walls and a range of DIY projects. The mirror finish is very reflective, and it’s just like the finish you would get if you had bought a glass mirror. It is supplied in 3mm and 5mm sheets, perfect for most projects. So, if you are looking to have a mirror sheet, then look no further than Me and My Glass. You can buy made to measure sheets today and you will receive them in 3-5 days.

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