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Wood burning stoves not only serve as eye-catching centrepieces, but they are also highly efficient in warming your home. However, installing a set of Me and My Glass Firefox 5 fire bricks can also increase your stove’s fuel-burning efficiency and extend its life expectancy too.

Our Firefox vermiculite bricks also make a stylish addition to your multifuel stove’s internal design. Simultaneously, their incredible heat-absorbent components protect the exposed metal elements too. Effective in absorbing the majority of the heat wood furnaces generate, our Firefox 5 fire bricks shield your stove’s metal from excessive fatigue and warping.

Designed to trap extra warmth by serving as an additional insulating layer, our fire bricks for Firefox 5 stove accessories optimise the heat extracted, which requires less fuel. Extend the life of your stove by speaking to Me and My Glass about our cut to size Firefox 5 fire bricks and upgrade your log burning stove today.

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