Oven Glass Door Exploded: Landlord’s Responsibility?

If an oven glass door has exploded and you are a tenant or a landlord, you will want to know who is responsible before anyone orders an oven glass replacement. If the appliance is owned by the tenant, then it’s their duty to replace. In many cases, the appliance will be owned by the landlord. So read below to see who has to pay out.

The responsibility depends on how the glass was shattered. If the glass smash was caused by the tenant, then it’s the tenant’s responsibility. An example of this would be the tenant dropping an object on the glass or causing physical impact intentional.

Whereas if the glass exploded then this lies with the landlord, as this is classed as ‘general wear and tear’. For example, if the tenant is using the oven and the glass explodes suddenly without the tenant doing anything, then the tenant is not responsible due to it being normal wear and tear. 

Oven glass exploded

If you are a tenant and the glass has exploded or smashed, make sure you take photos of the incident and then clear up the glass carefully. Once completed, inform the landlord or the letting agents about the incident with the photos.

There are many reasons why oven glass can suddenly explode. It can happen to any type of oven. Some of the reasons include, cleaning too hard on the glass, physical impact and quickly changing the temperature too high to low continuously. If you would like to know more about why an oven glass explodes, read our blog by clicking here.

Landlord’s Responsibilities 

Most of the repairs in the property are the responsibility of the landlord. They are responsible for many things such as the property structure, pipework, walls, windows, wires, plug sockets, boiler and more. A tenant should look at the tenancy agreement and make sure what their duty is.

Wear and tear can happen throughout a tenancy so a landlord should expect wear and tear around the property that could be worn carpets or windows.

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