How to Prevent Your Oven glass Door from Shattering

Oven glass doors are built to be extremely durable, however occasionally it can shatter from time to time. If this has unfortunately happened to you in the past, or you just want to reduce the chances of this happening to your oven glass door, then keep reading!

Ways to Prevent Oven Glass Shattering

Here are 8 top tips and hints to prevent your oven from shattering.

1 – Slamming the door shut increases the chance of you shattering the glass. Close the door gently each time you use it.

2 –  Cleaning an oven glass door isn’t the easiest job in the world but when you are doing this be extra careful. Applying too much force or using the wrong products can actually damage the glass.

3 – Let the oven door completely cool before cleaning. A sudden temperature change from a wet cloth of cleaning product might cause the glass to weaken. 

4 – Putting dishes and pots on the oven door is a big no, no. A hot dish can cause a crack on the panel.

5 – Following on from this, don’t bash the glass with the dishes and pots. This can apply pressure and stress the glass panel.

6 – When closing the door, ensure all metal racks are pushed back into the correct spot, as you may accidentally bang the glass against them. Although this won’t break it, overtime it could lead to cracks and shattering. Gently slide the racks and the pots in the oven.

7 – Make sure when using the self oven cleaning feature, the oven has cooled down, as using it when the oven is still hot has in some cases led the glass to shatter.

8 – Make sure your appliance housing is level and square.

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