2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Panels

  • 2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Panels
  • Cut to size for your needs
  • Arrives in 3-5 days

2mm polycarbonate sheets can be easily cut to size by the professional and friendly team at Me and My Glass. There are many situations where polycarbonate is used over other materials. For instance, we recommend replacing greenhouse glass panels with polycarbonate sheets. Choosing this plastic sheeting has many advantages, including water and all-weather-resistant, light to handle, scratch-resistant and has some heat resistance. Plus, it’s a material that is very easy to clean and you will only need warm soapy water. With these benefits, this material can be used in many areas of the home. They include windows, canopies, bus shelters and signage.

A 2mm polycarbonate thickness can be cut to all sorts of different sizes and shapes. This material is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, decorators and professional tradesmen. Our cutting machine can cut, drill and shape.

So, if you are in need of a plastic sheeting provider, contact us today. We provide competitive prices for both domestic and commercial markets. If you need any help or assistance, then the friendly and professional team are at hand to handle any queries and questions you may have.

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