Stove / Fire Door Rope Seal


We sell a wide range of stove rope seal, in a variety of sizes, that are used on a log woodburner. Our thickness ranges from 3mm to 25mm. Your thickness will depend on the type of log burner you have, so take a look at the manufacturer’s website or manual to find the correct size.

We sell both soft and standard door rope seals. Standard rope is only fitted around the door whereas soft rope can be fitted around the door and also behind the glass. If your log wood burner needs rope behind the glass there will be a groove to place the rope in. If there doesn’t seem to be a groove then you will need to buy ceramic paper.

If you are struggling to find the diameter for your stove rope seal, you can measure the groove depth and width with a tape measure. You could also measure your existing rope. Be careful when measuring as having the rope too long can make it difficult to close the stove door.

To fit stove fire rope to your log burner you will need specialist glue. This can also be purchased from Me and My Glass. This heat-resistant glue can easily hold the rope to the door.

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