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Glass Manufacturers & Suppliers

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    No matter whether you are looking for a new kitchen splashback, a shower screen or a beautiful glass shelf, you want to ensure you are working with the very best glass and mirror manufacturers and suppliers possible.

    Glass production is a specialist skill and to ensure you can enjoy the very best aesthetics and durability possible, Me and My Glass prides ourselves on delivering the very best custom glass fabrication for our clients.

    Toughened Glass Manufacturer

    Toughened glass, or safety glass as it is also commonly known as, is a stronger and more durable version of normal glass. This means it is great for use in areas where greater safety is required, such as doors or windows.

    Not only is it very strong, but toughened glass also offers high heat resistance.. Toughened glass is also much better at reducing sound compared to traditional glass. Here at Me and My Glass, we have our own in-house toughened glass machine which ensures that we are able to provide our customers with the very best glass products possible.

    Laminated Glass Manufacturer

    Laminated glass is another very strong style of glass that offers a very durable structure which is incredibly hard to break and smash. This option sees two panes of glass joined together by a very strong interlayer, which prevents the broken glass from shattering or breaking apart.

    This strength and durability makes it very popular for use in a wide range of different situations, including skylights, glass floors, facades and pond glass. At Me and My Glass, we are able to provide our customers with premium laminated glass thanks to our manufacturer facility.

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