Pond Window Glass

  • Pond window glass cut to size
  • Viewing glass, perfect for koi ponds
  • Toughened & Laminated – Heatsoaked for extra Strength
  • All Edges Polished and corners
  • Delivered in 4-6 weeks
  • Glass has a tolerance of +/-2mm
  • Buy online today

We provide pond glass windows so you can have a great viewing area of your beautiful pond. Whatever fish you have, you can easily view what’s going on. Me and My Glass can cut sized glass for your fish pond life. A Koi pond is the most popular for a viewing window as you can see the different types of Koi fish swimming around. The window goes down very well with children. They are fascinated by the fish swimming around. It doesn’t just function as a viewing feature, it is also a decor feature for your pond and garden. It really provides a modern touch and elegance to your garden surround. This feature is the ultimate wow factor indeed! A wow factor may be important to you to impress the neighbours and friends, but the pond glass window also acts as a way of inspecting the pond. The viewing window may show that the pond needs cleaning or that the fish need assistance and support. Creating a raised pond is becoming more popular than a traditional grounded pond. A raised pond gives the opportunity to add a viewing window.

We provide a range of toughened laminated glass thicknesses including 17.5mm, 21.5mm, 25.5mm and 33.04mm. For a bespoke made-to-measure quote, simply fill our form in, and we will be in touch with a free, no obligation quote. ​We cannot be held responsible or liable for wrong measurements and thicknesses.

What Glass Thickness for a Pond Window?

Adding a window to your pond can be a fantastic way to provide incredible insight into your wildlife, but how thick should the glass be? This is one of the most common questions customers ask us, and for anything that is up 60cm below the surface, then you will need a thickness level of 21.5mm.

However, if you are planning on adding a window at a depth of over 60cm, then you will need a window pane that is at least 31.5mm thick. This is due to the higher pressure that it will face, so a thicker option is needed to prevent it cracking.

Please note, this is just guidance and we cannot be held responsible for breakages of glass once fitted.

What Type of Glass is Used for a Pond Window?

Another common question when it comes to adding a pond window is the type of glass you should use. Due to the extreme pressure that it will be facing, you will need to use toughened laminated glass, this is then heatsoaked for extra strength. All edges and corners are polished to ensure they are ideal for those looking for an infinity pond viewing window.

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