Frosted Acrylic Sheets

  • Frosted Acrylic Sheets
  • Cut to Size
  • Delivered in 3-5 days

Frosted acrylic plastic sheets can be cut to size for your requirements. We have over 8 different types of colours and finishes, including black and purple. A frosted finish provides a slightly obscure finish, meaning you can’t see straight through like you would with clear plastic sheets. Whatever type of acrylic finish you choose, it will be a smooth and quality finish.

These finishes are available in 3mm and 5mm, and both of these thicknesses will be strong for many projects. Acrylic is a strong and durable product. It is particularly shatterproof, so this plastic sheeting can be used in outdoor and indoor environments. Common places you will find this material include splashbacks, shelves, roofing, windows and many more places.

If you are needing frosted acrylic, then we are here to help you with your project. Our team has years of experience with cutting plastic sheeting. Simply send in the length, height and thickness and also select the shade you would like. Once you have entered in your details, we can quickly provide you with a price. Me and My Glass can cut to size any shape or size you need, and we can also drill holes if needed.

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