EVA Laminated Glass

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Toughened Laminated Glass

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EVA laminated is often seen as the pinnacle of safety glass, providing exceptional strength and security for your home. The use of the EVA interlayer not only enhances the structural integrity of the glass, but it also helps to add another layer of protection by keeping the glass together in the event of an impact.

Here at Me and My Glass, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best EVA laminated glass possible. Our proven and durable solutions are perfect for use in a wide variety of situations, even outdoors, ensuring your loved ones and colleagues are kept safe.

Our EVA laminated glass is able to resist impact and force, making it a popular option for use in various architectural elements, including facades and balustrades. All of our solutions are also made to measure and cut to size, guaranteeing the perfect fit every time. Want to find out more about how we can help you? Get in touch today to start discussing your project.

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