Clear Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Cut to Size
  • Flute design is horizontal (width)
  • Arrives in 7-10 working days

Choosing a roofing sheet material can be nothing but a challenge. That’s until you discover the twin wall polycarbonate sheets. The panels can be fitted to many small outlets including conservatories, greenhouses, small extensions and sheds. This type of sheeting is perfect for many projects. Some of the key features for choosing this material is that it’s light. However, the strength isn’t compromised as it can withstand a wide range of weathers and environments. Twin wall polycarbonate sheets are actually over 200 times stronger than glass. It is also around half of the weight of glass. This makes it a lot easier to install. The material is also clear so light can easily pass through the panels.

The service we provide is made to measure, so we can cut to size twin wall polycarbonate sheets for the size you need. The range of thicknesses for these roof sheets include 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm & 35mm. 10mm is the recommended thickness for the use of this product. Places such as greenhouses, carports, smoking shelters and more are ideal for a 10mm thickness. Our cut to size service gives you the exact size you need making it great for people in the trade or enthusiastic DIYers. Me and My Glass provides twin wall polycarbonate sheets all across the UK. So, whether you want one unit or many, we are the company to provide you your solution.

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