Glass Splashback Alternatives

  • Made to measure for your requirements
  • Acrylic has a tolerance of +/-2mm
  • Arrives in 5-7 days
  • Not to be used on gas hobs, glass is recommended instead
  • Buy online using the form below

A glass splashback finish really provides a wow factor to any room; you can get them in a range of fantastic colours and finishes. However, if you want a splashback but don’t want to use glass, there are other alternatives. Glass is the recommended option, but if you want to use an alternative, acrylic sheets is the preferred option.

This material can be used for splashbacks, kids’ playhouse windows and shed windows. Although for splashbacks, we would always recommend glass as this is far more heat resistant than acrylic. Here are a few points to remember when thinking of using acrylic instead of glass:  

  • Weatherproof
  • Lighter, stronger and safer than glass
  • 10 times stronger than glass
  • Cost effective

When deciding on your material, it’s also important to weigh up the options. Glass alternatives are always available at Me and My Glass. If you need any help, contact our friendly expert team today. We have years of experience in the glass and plastic trade industry.

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