Acrylic Mirror for the Garden

  • Acrylic Mirror for the Garden
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Provide a modern touch to your garden by adding an acrylic mirror. The mirrors can be a perfect decorative feature to small and large gardens. You can add this to garage walls, fences, doors, external walls and more. The mirror will turn a boring and dull wall into a focus piece to your garden. A glass mirror isn’t something we would recommend for the garden as strong weather and outdoor erosion can cause the glass to smash. This could create a dangerous environment in the garden for children as well as the wildlife. Acrylic is over 15 times stronger than glass and is essentially shatterproof. 

Acrylic mirrors for gardens can be cut to size for any shape or size you wish. So these plastic mirrors can be fitted to any place you desire. Place a mirror anywhere you want and let in more natural light to your garden.

If you need an outdoor mirror, then contact Me and My Glass for a free quote. Send in your shape and size and we can easily and quickly provide a price. We include delivery in our price. Normally, UK delivery takes around 3-4 working days.

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