Ways to Clean your Stove Glass

Log wood burners are a great way to warm up in the winter months. They are also stylish to have in your home. However, over time these stylish products get dirty with soot and grease. Woodburner stoves have an airwash system which can help combat the dirt and soot going onto the glass. But there will still be dirt appearing.

With this dirt you want to have the best cleaning methods to clean your stove glass for excellent results. Our blog lists ideas and methods that will get your stove clean as new. When using any techniques make sure the stove is cool. You don’t want to be cleaning the stove when hot. Do not clean hot glass.

Use a Damp Cloth 

This is a cheap and easy way to clean. Wet a cloth then wipe the marks and dirt on the glass. Unfortunately this method might not remove all the dirt.

Newspaper Dipped in Ashes

Once the ash is dry, grab a newspaper and dip into the ash. Then rub the ash in a circular motion on the glass. This helps remove soot. After you do this use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a useful cleaning product for the home. It’s surprising how great vinegar is. To clean a glass stove, take a piece of newspaper and dip it into the vinegar. Then apply to the glass. Once done wet a cloth and wipe clean.

Bicarbonate of Soda

It’s not the most recommended idea but using bicarbonate of soda or baking soda can clean the woodburner glass. You need to add water to the soda to create a paste. Once created, add the paste to the glass. Remove the paste with damp cloth.

Stove Glass Cleaner

Specialist stove cleaner is the easiest way to clean wood burner glass. The chemicals used can help remove the black soot that can feature on your glass. There are plenty of products out there. We have listed the top 5 cleaning products in a previous article. You can buy many different types of cleaner including sprays, pads and pastes. 

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