How to measure for Your Replacement Stove Door Glass

Stove glass is from a type of glass called ceramic. This can be used with stoves and log wood burners as the product can withstand very high temperatures. Sometimes, stove glass is cracked and broken so this needs to be replaced. When you know that the glass is broken you need to remove the glass. This for your own and others safely. Before you order a new piece of glass you need to know the size you are ordering.

Measuring your stove glass is easy and simple. Before ordering make sure you have the correct sizes. This is so you have the perfect fit. Before we get started make sure you have a measuring tape and a pencil to note the glass measurements. To measure up for your new stove glass door, simply follow these steps:

Step 1

If your glass has been broken, remove the glass from the stove and lay the glass pieces on a table. Piece them together so it looks like the original piece of glass.

Step 2 

Get your tape measure and measure the width and then the height. Double-check your measurements as you don’t want it not to fit!

Step 3 

Measure the thickness of the stove glass with your tape measure. This is the side of the glass. Normally the thickness is 4mm but on some occasions it’s 5mm. And you have done! The measurements you have noted will provide the perfect piece of glass for your stove wood burner. 

We have made this measurement guide to help assist you when measuring your new stove glass. When you order your new stove glass it is cut to order. Most stove glass cutting companies can cut to any shape and size.

Unfortunately, we can’t take any responsibility for any incorrect measurements.

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