How To Fit A Glass Splashback

Are you looking to install a glass splashback in your kitchen but not sure where to start? Don’t worry; we thought we would take a closer look at the process to show you just how easy it is! 

Fitting & Installing A Glass Splashback

When it comes to installing a glass splashback to your kitchen or bathroom, there are two main methods of affixing it to your walls. The first is using adhesive, which is the most common method of attaching to your walls and is ideal for use on flat surfaces such as a plastered wall. 

The second option is to use screws, which is the most common method for use on bricked walls or when using clear splashbacks that would show the adhesive behind it.

How to use Adhesive Glue to Fit a Glass Splashback 

If you are looking to install a coloured splashback, then adhesive glue is a great solution. When installing your splashback using this method, first place a cloth on your worktop service and lay the glass down and gloss side down. We provide specialised splashback adhesive that is acid free. Please don’t use acid adhesive as it eats through the painted/printed glass.

You then need to apply equally-sized blobs of adhesive of around 20mm in diameter every 100mm apart. Remember not to place any blobs too close to the edge, as this can cause the glue to seep out around the edge. 

Once applied, simply press your splashback against the wall, ensuring you are applying even pressure along the entire surface. When applying pressure, if you find that the splashback is feeling ‘bouncy’, then pull the glass away and apply additional adhesive in that area before reapplying to the wall. Make sure the glass/mirror isn’t too tight and you aren’t forcing the glass into a tight space (between cupboards). This could cause shattering.

When the splashback is firmly held on your wall, leave it for 24 hours before using silicone to seal the edges. To do this, run a bead of clear silicone across each border, using warm soapy water to remove any excess and ensure an even seal. 

How to Fit a Glass Splashback Using Screws 

Many customers find it a daunting prospect to attach their glass splashback using screws, but the process can be very straightforward. When affixing your splashback utilising this method, you will need an 8mm masonry drill bit, a pencil, rawl plugs and mirror screws. When you purchase one of our Me and My Glass splashbacks, we will provide all of the screws that you need. 

Screws can be used on walls that are not perfectly smooth, such as exposed brickwork, but it is important to remove any obvious sharp edges or bumps before you apply your splashback. 

Our glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass, which means you will not be able to drill through it. That is why all of our products come with the required holes already in place. That means you simply need to hold the splashback in place, using your pencil to mark the drill locations. Remove the splashback and place it in a safe area. 

Before drilling, make sure that there are no water pipes or electrical cables in the wall, and when safe, simply drill through the pencil marks and insert the rawl plugs. Drilling into your wall can create a fair amount of dust, so it is wise to clean up after this stage to avoid any dust getting trapped behind your splashback.

Once you have cleaned away any dust, hold the glass in place and loosely secure your splashback using the screws provided. From there, slowly tighten the screws until the glass is held firmly in place. To create the perfect and clean finish, add the corresponding caps over each screw. 

Need Help with your Splashback?

If you are looking for the perfect glass splashback for your kitchen or bathroom, then Me and My Glass are here to help you. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best products for our customers, and our friendly team is always on hand to help you with any questions you might have – so get in touch today to find out more!

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