Fixing your Cracked Glass on your Log Woodburner

Unfortunately, cracks happen. So if your stove glass has been damaged from an accidental incident, there are many different types of reasons why a crack has occurred. The most common types of cracks are use and impact.


The impact damages are often caused by forcing pressure on the glass. Examples include: 

  • Adding too much to the firebox with wood and fuel and then closing the door.
  • Banging or hitting the glass. You could accidentally bash the glass when walking by the stove.
  • The screws and bolts holding the glass in position can be tightened too much. As a result of the tightening, the heat can expand the glass and break.


When wood burners are used for a long period of time, the glass can be damaged. Cracks can happen with long term use and misuse. Here are some of the most common causes of stove glass breaks and cracks:

  • Too much fuel in the stove can lead to overfiring. The stove glass won’t be able to withstand the temperature and will therefore crack.
  • Burning household coal is acceptable to put on an open fire. But in an enclosed fire such as a stove it can cause mini explosions because it’s a volatile fuel. These explosions can cause breaks and cracks.
  • Burning petroleum-based fuels is also going to cause explosions within the stove and can cause log woodburner glass to break.

Leaving your stove glass cracked

When you realise the glass is cracked you should carefully remove and replace. A glass crack on a stove can be very dangerous especially if you are still using the stove on high temperatures. We would recommend replacing your glass as soon as possible. You run a very high risk if ignored. 

How to remove & replace the glass?

If there is a crack it’s ideal to remove and replace the stove glass. Buying new stove glass is relatively inexpensive. And you will also find that replacing the glass is an easy to do job. You don’t need to be a DIY expert! 

Below is a simple guide to remove and repair the glass. If you would like a more detailed guide, you will find it by clicking here.

  1. Clean the stove door
  2. Carefully remove the door from the hinges
  3. Put the door on a table. This surface may get dirty
  4. Replace the glass from the stove door. You might have to loosen screws or bolts
  5. Take your time and slowly remove all the broken glass and dispose of.
  6. You may have to replace the stove rope on the door
  7. Place your new piece of glass in the door and connect back onto the stove. Don’t tighten the screws or bolts too tight as this can cause breaks
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