What’s the Best Stove Glass Cleaner to Buy?

No one wants a dirty looking stove, especially when an excessive amount of black soot builds up all over the stove glass. You want it looking brand new, so we have researched the very best cleaners on the market.

There are plenty of products out there selling glass cleaner. For cleaning stove glass, we would recommend buying specialist stove glass cleaner as these products provide a better finish. They are specially created to clean the surface of ceramic glass. We want your stove to look sparkling clean, so we have listed the most rated products on the market.

Stove Glass Cleaner

One of the most reviewed and most rated products to buy, the stove glass cleaner removes black soot, tar and grease with ease. Spray the foam on the glass and leave for 3-5 mins and then wipe off.

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Stove Glass Cleaner Pad

These chemical-free and provide a great cleaning finish to heat resistant glass. This product has had plenty of positive reviews. They are easy to use and you don’t use any cleaning liquids.

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Stovax Stove Fire Glass Gel

Another product with fantastic reviews. This is a perfect product to use on your log wood burner. You heavily apply the gel then let it do its magic for around 15-20 minutes, then carefully scrape off with a plastic scraper. You may have small marks on the glass still. These can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

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Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner Paste 500g

Rather than buying spray or gel, you can buy paste from the professionals at Dirtbusters. The cleaning product can quickly remove dirt and soot. This paste is applied and then left for 5-10 minutes, where afterwards you can remove the paste and dirt with a damp cloth. This is a unique product as the paste has natural cleaning chemicals and oils.

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Trollull Cleaner Pads

These cleaning pads are easy, fast and scratch-free. The cleaning pads are really handy and have had positive reviews from many customers, leaving a clean finish and no scratches.

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We believe that the products above will give you that fantastic finish. Once you have bought one of the products above, follow our guide on how to clean your stove glass for excellent results.

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