How to Replace your Rope Seal on a Stove Door

Before you start replacing your rope seal you should find out if it needs replacing. You can test this with the paper test. Get a piece of paper and open the stove door. Pop the paper in between the stove and the stove door. Now shut the door and try to pull the paper out. There are two things that would happen. The paper will stay in the door or it will come sliding out. If the paper does come sliding out then you need to follow the steps below as you need to replace your rope seal.

For this task you will need the following equipment: 

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Safety Glasses / Goggles
  • Wire Brush / Screwdriver
  • Protective Mask

Remove the Door

This depends on the type of door you have. Most manufacturers design their doors so that the door can be easily lifted upwards. Check your stove manual if unsure. Once removed place the door on a stable surface. Ideally, the surface should have protective sheeting to avoid damaging and marking the area.

Remove the Rope

If the stove glass doesn’t need replacing, then just remove the old rope seal. After you have peeled off all the rope, you want to get a wire brush to clean the groves. This is to clean all the old adhesive, dirt and debris. If you don’t have a wire brush use a screwdriver. When doing this task it’s recommended to have eye protection and wearing gloves. To stop breathing in dust and rope fibres it’s also ideal to wear a protective face mask.

Add New Rope

Next, get your rope seal and dry-fit the rope to get the length needed. Now carefully cut the rope. On the ends of the rope, tape both ends. 

Apply the Adhesive

Now you want to apply the adhesive to where the rope will go. It’s recommended to wear gloves when applying the adhesive. You want to get the rope and place the rope on the adhesive. Press down firmly and wipe off any excess adhesive that has appeared.

Add Door Back to Stove

Now you want to leave the adhesive to dry for over 12 hours. Once dried, put the door back on the stove. You can now use and light the stove.

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