Can you Fit a Mirror/Glass Behind the Cooker hob? 

Kitchen glass splashbacks are stylish, unique and, most importantly functional. With minimal water mark and oil splashes to clean up, glass splash backs in the kitchen have become popular in the modern home.

There are many different styles to choose from including; reeded, painted and printed. These can be personalised and colour coordinated to your kitchen to add that final touch to any project; big or small and look great behind a cooker hob.

Don’t be afraid of installing a glass splashback behind your cooker hob. By picking a supplier who uses toughened glass, you will have a beautiful finish that is also heat resistant. This allows you to install the splashback wherever you desire around your kitchen and without the thought of damaging it through heat or dirt. High temperatures and blasts of grime from a cooker will not defeat a toughened glass splashback; meaning no cracks or damage to your centrepiece. Being heat resistant, also means that this feature will last a significant amount of time; no need to spend any more time or money replacing it any time soon.

Making your kitchen low maintenance, this style minimises the cleaning time required after cooking. Steam, boiling water and juicy sauces can create mess and mayhem when cooking; as can oils. Rather than scrubbing wall paper or a painted wall, just wipe over the splashback to make your kitchen gleam again. Quick and easy, a swift sweep of a sponge over your new splashback will bring your cooking area looking pristine again.

Sleek and stylish, the glass splashback incorporates design with practicality. Placed behind a hob, you can be confident that a glass splashback will minimise cleaning and harm but maximise luxury in any kitchen. With a range of finishes and colours, it is important that you find the right one for you and your kitchen. 

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