Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean, low maintenance and come in a large range of colours and styles. Modern kitchens often incorporate these to bounce light around a room; making the space look bigger and brighter. They can also be used as a feature piece to highlight personal style and bring focus to the room.

Reeded/Fluted Glass Splashbacks

Simple yet eye-catching, the Reeded Glass finish can make any kitchen sparkle. The small ripples reflect light around the room and are offered in a variety of finishes. These include clear, painted, sandblasted mirrored and antique mirrored.

Mirror Splashbacks

Want to create the illusion of space while keeping your kitchen low maintenance and stylish? Mirrored splashbacks are a breeze to clean and look fabulous too. This  toughened mirror is the perfect solution if you require a splashback to be durable, fresh and practical. These can also be installed around the hob due to its heat resistant feature.

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

A feature in any room, this distinctive design is a great addition to the busy hub of a kitchen. The elegant finish combined with the functionality of the smooth surface, makes this toughened glass a timeless classic. However, there has been a recent surge in demand for this look with renovated kitchens often showcasing the antique mirror splashback as the main feature of the room.

Painted Splashbacks

Available in a rainbow of colours, this finish can be adapted to any kitchen, whether it just needs a quick update or a big overhaul. Specialist paint is applied to toughened glass to make your splashback as unique as you desire. Choose from a vibrant violet, a rustic red or match your decor and create a custom colour option. Otherwise select a neutral colour and just adapt your kitchen around it.

Printed Splashbacks

Scratch proof and waterproof, this option offers a high quality finish with individuality. Choose from an array of designs (or even upload your own photo) to suit your kitchen and you. Ceramic inks are printed onto the surface and become embedded to the toughened glass to create a durable, practical yet unique feature in your kitchen.

Glitter Splashbacks

Add a touch of sparkle to you kitchen with a glitter splashback. Choose from a wide range of colours to compliment your kitchen and style and then shake a glimmer of shine over your splashback. An added bonus of this look is it acts as a shield for your wall from water marks and any other kitchen splashes. 

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