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One of the most common questions we are asked here at Me and My Glass is what the right thickness of glass customers need for their project. This is a very important question and will dictate the design and style choices you have available.

Flat glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, with each option offering a certain level of strength and durability. The thinner the glass, the more lightweight it will be but also the more fragile, whereas thicker glass is stronger but heavier. To help you find the perfect option for your home or workplace, we have put together this handy chart:

Glass ThicknessUsage
2mmTypically used in picture frames, it is a type of non-toughened annealed glass.
4mmThis type of glass is used for a variety of structures, including greenhouses, summer buildings, and shed windows. It can also be used for small table tops.
6mm6mm glass is used for splashbacks, table tops, small shelves, and desk and dressing table tops.

6.4mm (laminated)
This laminated safety glass is typically used for internal windows and doors.
7mmThis is generally the thickness for fire-rated glass products and is used in internal windows and doors.
8mmThis thickness is common for larger table tops, shelves, shower enclosures, doors, and screens.

8.8mm (laminated)
This safety glass is used in larger internal windows and doors.
10mm10mm glass is frequently found in shower enclosures, doors and screens, table tops, partitions, and window sills.
10.8mm (laminated)Used for large internal screens.
12mmThis thickness is used for table tops, glass walls and partitions, hearths, frameless balustrades at ground level, and kitchen worktops.
13.5mm (laminated)This toughened glass is used for internal residential balustrade systems.
17.5mm (laminated)Used in external residential balustrade systems and Juliet Balconies.
21.5mm (laminated)Utilised in internal commercial balustrade systems and Pond Windows.
25.5mm (laminated)Used in external commercial balustrade systems and Juliet Balconies
33mm (laminated)Very strong glass that can be used for flooring.

Need help with finding the right thickness of glass for your next project? Our team here at Me and My Glass is on hand to help you so get in touch today!

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