Glass & Mirror Edgework Types

Adding glass or a mirror to your home is a wonderful design feature that can transform any interior. However, when it comes to glass and mirror edge types, what are the various styles available? 

There are a wide array of edgework types available, but the most common edge types include:

Flat Polished Edge 

The flat polished edge style is a sleek and glossy finish that helps to remove any chips or edges to ensure a smooth and stylish finish. This method also helps to ensure a very pleasing aesthetic finish that makes it great for mirrors, dividers and decorative furniture. 

Bevelled Edge 

Another very popular style of glass edge finish and is fantastic for those products that want to give off an air of sophistication. The style offers a sloped edge that is smoothed out to ensure it is safe.

Pencil Polished Edge 

Pencil edge is an old polishing technique which was replaced with a more modern machine flat edge polish. Pencil edging is like from 10+ years ago, you don’t really see this in modern manufacture. This style of finish gets its name from the smooth and round design that looks very much like a pencil.

Glass corner finishes 

Here are a range of edgework finishes:

Here are a wide range of corner finishes:

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