Different Types of Stove Glass Shapes

If you are looking for a stove glass replacement, it’s important to know the shape you are ordering. If you get this wrong the glass won’t fit and you will be unable to use your log wood burner. Here are the most common shapes we offer. We can cut any flat shape such as square, rectangle, arched etc. When the glass is curved or concave, we only provide a selection of models.

Square / Rectangle


For arched shaped glass, we would require a template sent to us via the post. This is so we can get the exact shape measurements. See our guide here.

Curved / Concave Glass

We don’t cut to size curved glass. We only stock a selection of curved glass from a range of wood burner models. Please see here.

5 Sided

For a 5 sided stove glass piece, we would need a few measurements to get the exact cut. Our guide can be found here.

6 Sided

Like the 5 sided shape, the 6 sided shape needs a few specific measurements. The guide can be found here.

Other Shapes

If you require another type of shape we may be able to help. Please get in touch today by clicking here.

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