Shower Screen Sizes: Height & Width

Choosing a shower screen over a shower curtain has many advantages; shower screens can be cleaned easier (and are much more hygienic), they reduce the amount of water that splashes onto the bathroom floor and filter the natural light across the room to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter. If you decide on this modern finish then we can help you choose the right size shower screen.

Shower Screen Sizes

Shower screens tend to be measured in millimetres (mm) and are available in a range of sizes depending on the size of the area. The width will vary according to your shower tray. Meanwhile, 1950mm is the recommended height, reflecting the average user’s height without hitting the ceiling –  the average floor to ceiling height is 2300mm in the UK. Common height and width sizes for shower screens include:

  • 1950mm (h) x 1200mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) x 1100mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) 1000mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) 900mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) 800mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) 700mm (w)
  • 1950mm (h) 600mm (w)

These are guideline sizes, however shower screens can be cut to size when choosing the right supplier. It is important that you measure the area before ordering; noting the height and width. At Me and My Glass, we can work with you so you feel confident when ordering your made to measure shower screen. We can supply with a maximum width of 1500mm and a maximum height of 3000mm. Shower screens that are 1000mm+ in width are recommended to have a matching wall support bar (pictured below).

Bath Shower Screen Sizes

For a bath shower screen, first measure the width of your bath then the height. Bath shower screen height will differ from shower screen height. Make sure you consider how you will enter the bath when the screen is there – give yourself enough room to get in and out. You also want the screen to stop any water going on the bathroom floor.

Here are some common sizes:

  • 1500mm (h) x 1200mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) x 1100mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) 1000mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) 900mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) 800mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) 700mm (w)
  • 1500mm (h) 600mm (w)

Again these are guidelines and it’s always good to double check to see if your area differs from the standard sizes.

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