Shower & Bath Screen Ideas

Clear shower screens are smooth, glossy and add style to any bathroom; whether you just want a quick upgrade or desire a complete bathroom makeover. However, if you fancy a little something more distinctive then there are alternatives that can also light up and boost the space you have.

Reeded/Fluted Glass

A classic and elegant selection would be the Reeded Glass. A textured glass, this offers privacy while amplifying the brightness in any room with the wave-like effect maximising the natural light. The concave design can be applied to a more traditional style, however, a demand for this finish in fashionable settings is giving this look a revival.

Tinted Glass

Practical, yet smart, tinted glass showcases all the beauty of a new bathroom. Finishes can include grey (left) and bronze (right) tinted – each offering durability and flare. The clean and polished look, adds glamour to a bathroom yet also works for modern family life with its hint of transparency.

Crittal Glass

This charming style is famous for its slender black frames and geometric pattern. Reminiscing the 1920’s era, they allow light to flow from one space to another and open up the space in any room. The design’s simplicity is enchanting and also has the practicality of being permanent, scratch proof and waterproof.


With increased privacy, a Frosted glass shower screen allows light to filter through your bathroom. This blurred effect makes family life a little less stressful, with the cloudy feature separating you from the other goings on in the bathroom. For busy, non-stop families, another plus point for this feature is the lack of cleaning required; water marks are hidden which makes it easy to maintain.

Shaped – Arched/Curved

The beauty and brilliance of arched glass is limitless. The stylish design is a talking point in any home; its uniqueness and powerful stance will offer the WOW factor! These are available in a range of sizes, shapes and designs to meet your requirements. Curved glass is also an option with this style maximising space in any bathroom.

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