How to Measure, Replace & Fit your Oven Glass Door

If you are looking to replace and fit your oven glass door, then the chances are high that there is smashed glass in and around your oven. But before we start measuring and replacing, you want to clean up.

The glass will be smashed so it will be hard to know the measurements. So we recommend finding out your oven model. This will let you know the size you need to replace. Most oven doors have 2 panels, some even have 3 & 4, so it’s important to check if it’s the inner or outer panel.

We would recommend turning off and unplugging the appliance. This way you are safe when carrying out the fit.

Inner Oven Door Glass

The glass that is likely to smash is the inner oven door glass. When removing this you won’t need to take the actual door off the hinges to remove and fit the new panel. Once you get all the glass removed you can slide in the new panel with ease. The inner door glass isn’t too complicated. Use good judgment and take your time and you will have it fitted in no time.

Outer Oven Door Glass

If the outer oven glass needs replacing then it’s a bit more difficult. Oven models do differ so it will require judgment but to access the outer oven door glass you will need to take the door off the hinges. This will be different from model to model so you may need to look at the instruction manual. It is likely to be featured when you clean this piece of glass.

Once the door is off, you will need to access the glass by unscrewing sections of the door to release the panel. 

Other Types of Oven Door Glass

As mentioned previously there is a range of oven models, each built differently by their respective manufacturers. With this in mind each will have different ways they are structured and some may even have more than two panels of glass featured in their oven.

On some models the third piece of glass is the internal door that fits between the inner and outer door glass. First you might take off the door and remove the outer door glass. This can be a tricky task and it’s not a small and easy job to do so you might want to contact a professional to replace and fit. You may also want to contact a professional when the oven door has a resistant glue or bond on the oven panel door as this can be a complicated operation for any DIY repairer. 

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