Stove Fan for Log Fire Wood Burners

  • Moves warm air around the room
  • Sits on top of the stove
  • Heat powered stove fan
  • No batteries are required
  • Arrives in 2-3 days
  • £ 0.00

At Me and My Glass, we provide small, mini and large stove fans for log wood burners. The function of a stove fan is to improve and increase the heat and warmth you experience from your wood burner. Get the most out of your stove by buying a fan; this fan circulates the heat. The result of circulating the heat makes the fuel work harder so you will actually save money on fuel as it’s working more efficiently.  Heat naturally rises so without a fan you are losing a lot of heat. This is great for small and large rooms. If you have a smallish room, then we provide a mini fan measured at 187mm  x 180mm. Perfect for when you have a stove in a cosy room in your cottage or home. If the room is much larger,  you could buy our large stove fan measured at 230 x 205 mm. The fans used have a new efficiency blade design that makes it easier to flow and spread the warm air produced by the burner. These fans are extremely quiet and they don’t even use batteries or electricity. The energy that powers the fan comes from the heat of the burner. Enjoy more heat and get yourself a fan today.

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