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Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, lounge, or bathroom, the unmistakable characteristics of reeded / fluted glass can elevate any home or workplace location. As a result, here at Me and My Glass, we’ve created a fantastic choice of sample reeded / fluted glass to help you select your favourite style and colour scheme.

Able to cater to your preferences, we have a range of reeded styles, including clear, sandblasted, grey, bronze, and painted reeds. In fact, our sample reeded / fluted glass is a superb tool to help you plan any upcoming internal or external glass renovation projects around your house or office.

Here at Me and My Glass, our sample reeded / fluted glass will assist in synchronising your room’s decor with a vibrant array of glass colours and styles. Designed to inspire the perfect solution for your glass ideas and concepts, you can order a sample of reeded / fluted glass from us today. 

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