Replacement Glass Splashbacks


Is your kitchen or bathroom splashback chipped or broken? Don’t worry; here at Me and My Glass, we can cut to size and shape the perfect replacement glass splashback for you. Whether you want to match your existing colour and design or are excited to try something new, we provide glass to replace your glass splashback.

The team here at Me and My Glass can supply you with a range of mirror and coloured replacement glass splashbacks that are toughened, easy to clean, and heat-resistant. So, if your splashback has smashed or chipped, we can provide an exact replacement. We also offer printed and patterned, glitter / sparkle, and even personalised glass splashback options to individualise your kitchen or bathroom.

Should you need to replace your damaged glass splashback or want to elevate your existing one, Me and My Glass has a superb product range we can tailor to you. Simply tell us your desired style or colour today, and we can cut to size and shape your replacement glass splashback to suit your requirements.

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