Log Woodburner Stove Glass Cleaner

£14.28 incl. VAT

  • Cleaner created for stove glass
  • Glass will be as good as new
  • Arrives in 2-3 days

Over time your stove glass is covered in particles and residue from the firewood. One day you could see the fire through the glass, then the next day the glass is all black. So at Me and My Glass we have developed a stove glass cleaner that is available to use on any log wood-burning stove glass. The foam cleaner can be easily applied to the glass. This can then be wiped off and the glass can be as good as new! Cleaning stove glass can be one of the easiest cleaning tasks thanks to our foam carbon product. This is a very effective and efficient product. When cleaning the stove glass door make sure there hasn’t been a fire in the burner for at least 24hours. You want the burner to be cool as touching hot glass can be extremely dangerous. You could be at risk of burns.

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