LED Mirrors Made to Measure

  • LED Mirrors Cut to Size
  • Used in the bathroom, bedroom & more
  • 6mm thickness
  • Light is hardwire installation
  • Lead time is 4-6 weeks
  • Buy online today

Are you looking to create an iconic and immediately eye-catching feature in your home? Our Me and My Glass LED Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any room, helping you to illuminate your space with a warm and inviting glow that is perfect for any modern décor. 

Most commonly used in bathrooms, these LED mirrors have an incredible impact on even the smallest of rooms, becoming a core part of your overall interior design. We know how stunning they can be, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products that you will love. All of our LED mirrors are custom cut to size to guarantee the perfect fit, while we are also able to create them in any shape or size you need. 

LED Bespoke Mirrors

Our LED bespoke mirrors are for hardwire installation so the wire is attached directly into the mains behind the mirror. You can then have a switch near the mirror to easily switch on and off. A good example of LED mirrors is in the bathroom. An electrician can hardwire the mirror and the main light as one switch. So when you put the switch on, both lights turn on.

Alongside being completely customisable to your needs, all of our LED mirrors are constructed from toughened glass, ensuring that they are incredibly long-lasting and durable. Want to learn more about our range? Get in touch today!

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