Laminated Glass & Toughened Laminated Glass

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Laminated Glass & Toughened Laminated Glass

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Laminated glass and toughened laminated glass can be cut to size in any shape you want. This type of glass is used for a range of products for work and for the home. Places it can be used include balustrades, stair treads, jewelry cabinets, glass floors, pond glass windows, and even aquariums! This type of transparent / clear glass is very strong. In fact, it’s 5 times as strong as clear standard float glass, even when it’s the same thickness. When damage does occur on the glass, the glass strength is so strong that it doesn’t shatter. This is because the interlayers hold up the structure. 

Like the name suggests, toughened laminated glass is having both toughened glass and laminated glass. Laminated glass is made from two glass pieces. It’s then bonded together by a highly strong interlayer. Toughened glass, on the other hand, goes through an operation that makes the glass very durable and even heat resistant. It’s often called safety glass as when it breaks and smashes, the glass goes into tiny pieces rather than shards.

At Me and My Glass, we provide a made-to-measure service and provide a range of thicknesses from 8.8mm to 30mm. These thicknesses are strong enough to support their use, such as for glass stairs and floors. Our glass cutting service can accommodate a wide range of shapes. Finishes we provide also include EVA, PVB, SGP and Vanceva Colours. We are glass experts and have been in the glass business for many years. So, if you have any questions or queries, then please contact us. If you need a quote, then simply complete our contact form, and we will provide a quote for laminated and toughened laminated glass. When you are happy with the quote, we can set up an online order so you can pay online with ease.

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