Glass Table Top Cut to Size

  • Any shape, size or colour
  • Glass has a tolerance of +/-2mm
  • Buy online today

Got an old glass table top that’s looking worse for wear? Or looking to update a room and make the most of the space you’ve got? Try our made to measure glass table tops. You can create modern and chic glass dining room tables with our cut to size service. Our table tops can be cut in a variety of shapes from squares, ovals, rectangles or circles, which allows you to personalise your table to suit you and your home. 

At Me and My Glass, we provide glass top table replacements for all your furniture needs. Our tempered glass table tops are treated with heat and chemicals to guarantee the strongest table top that’s scratch resistant and can without a large amount of weight.

Glass Top Coffee Table Protector & Topper

Are you looking for a glass top for your favourite coffee table? Or a glass table top protector or a glass table topper? Give your old coffee table a new life by revamping it with one of our many options! Every table can be given a new look, as our glass tops, protector and toppers can be cut to size. Choose from our round, circular, oval or rectangle options! Contact our team today for more information and a free quote!

Cut to Size Glass Top Coffee Table

Contact us today for your free quote for a glass top coffee table replacement. Our bespoke tempered glass coffee table tops can be cut to size to ensure the perfect fit. Our tempered glass provides a strong and scratch resistant surface that will last!

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