Fireplace Glass Shelf

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Are you looking for inspiration to complete the perfect fireplace aesthetic in your home? Then look no further, as here at Me and My Glass, our toughened / tempered glass can be used to create a fireplace glass shelf. Ideal for adding a contemporary finish to your living room’s centrepiece.

Installing a glass shelf above fireplace openings can transform how you frame your living room’s overall look. A heat-resistant fireplace glass shelf adds a stylish twist and an extra platform to keep your favourite candles, plants, and photographs.

Create a cosy focal point above your chimney opening with a fireplace glass shelf from Me and My Glass. Made from toughened glass – our glass shelves are long-lasting and incredibly durable. So, speak to our dedicated team today about how we can cut to size and shape your fireplace glass shelf to create a visually stunning solution to enhance your home’s fireplace.

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