Clear & Low Iron Glass

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Clear & Low Iron Glass

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Glass comes in almost every colour available, but clear glass and low iron glass are some of the most commonly available. No matter whether you are looking to renovate your home or you want to create a unique look for your workplace, clear glass or low iron glass sheets are a highly versatile solution. 

Here at Me and My Glass, we know how important these options are in helping you to create the perfect décor. Our clear glass and low iron glass sheets are produced to the highest standards, and our expert team is able to cut to size to ensure the ultimate made to measure finish in your space. 

These beautiful additions are able to completely transform any room while to ensure your safety, we utilise the very best toughened glass. This ensures that the glass will not break, instead of shattering into smaller cubes to lower the risk of serious injury. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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