Lead Time

The reason why we have this lead time is because there are several processes regarding making toughening glass for products like splashbacks, table tops and shower screens.

This is a custom product so it is created for you.

The stages for custom glass & mirror include cutting, polishing, being toughened (we only have one toughened machine). This machine is to create the safety glass. Below is an example of the stages this machine has:

Once toughened, we may have to paint the glass (if required). We need time for the glass to dry in our drying room, before it goes to packaging and picked up from the courier, then they deliver.

When an item is larger than 1 metre square, we have to use a specialist glass/mirror courier. They only collect once a week at our facility. Most major courier providers don’t accept large glass/mirror items. Or they do accept and damage the glass.

Once they have collected, it takes 1 week to organise and deliver.

If the item is less than 1 metre square, then we can pack and send out the next day, when the item has been manufactured. Anything under a metre square is 2-4 weeks lead time.

Accessories such as shower hinges are sent 1-2 weeks after purchase.

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